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Quality Guaranteed


E-Bike Services

  • Custom Mid-Drive E-bike kit installation

  • Hub drive kits and replacement kits also available

  • E-bike servicing, tech support and repair

  • Replacement parts supply and options available (batteries, Lekki chain rings, crank sensors,  twist throttles, etc.)

  • Pick up and deliver service (by km) available upon request

  • E-bike consultation available

Services Offered on all Other Bikes

  • All brake work, including hydraulic break bleed and fluid change

  • Upgrade to hydraulic

  • Upgrade from dual piston to 4 piston caliper

  • Cable Replacement

  • Chain maintenance 

  • Tire replacement and repair

  • Any other bike repair request will be considered

Everyone likes to upgrade their bikes so I will install your Bike Bling; you buy it, and I install it. Don't have a bike? I will be happy to help you to know what to look at before making that purchase so you know your kit will fit. I will even help you find a great used bike as there are lots out there and you can save your money for your kit.

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